Bridal Gown Shipping

Shipping to us and FREE Shipping (in Florida) back to you [outside Florida – 50% shipping cost]

We encourage our customers to mail the gown to us at their expense.  Use the “Gown Shipping Form” and include it with the wedding gown (or your garment).  Once we receive the gown, we will inspect it and then call you to go over the condition of the gown, tears to fix, spots, stains etc. and how much it will cost.  If you want to get it processed, we then start the process.

We need 50% as deposit at that time and the rest just before shipping the gown.  Generally it takes about 1-2 weeks.  However, if you do not want the gown processed, we then simply return it at our cost via UPS.  No questions asked.

We will communicate and forward the shipping information to make sure you are kept informed of your wedding gown.


Wedding Gown Shipping Form

This is muslin cloth bag over the
Wedding Gown Box with a handle.

This is Muslin Cloth Bag over the
Wedding Gown Box with a handle.